Bryson Ruff

December 24th, 2004

Indian Trail, North Carolina

All sports, but especially football, basketball, and karate

Racing Vehicle
INEX Legends Car Pro Division

Driver Coaches / Team
Carson Ferguson // Tony Ferguson // Mark Nahrstedt Race Cars

Favorite Tracks
Charlotte Motor Speedway // Orlando Speed World

Bryson Ruff is into extremes. He is often the youngest driver on the track, even now as a 14-year-old Legends Pro Division driver, and he is always the most competitive. He is working towards a dream career in the world of professional motorsports.

In 2018, Bryson had a stellar sophomore year in the Legends Young Lions Division, earning his second Concord Speedway (NC) track championship, finishing 5th in national points, and securing his spot in the elite Pro Division for 2019. His on-track success has come after years of hard work on and off the racetrack.

After he took on his second season in the national karting scene in 2014, returning to the Rotax Micro MAX as well as racing in his first season of Bandolero Beginner Bandits division of INEX racing, Bryson made the transition in 2015 to the INEX Bandolero Bandit division. Eager to learn and master his race craft, he competed in 49 races at six different tracks, including Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC), Concord Speedway (NC), Southern National Motorsports Park (NC), Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA), Orlando Speedworld (FL), and the famed Bowman Gray Stadium (NC). He was able to pick up two victories during the season, which included 21 top-five finishes.

In 2016 Bryson continued his education from behind the wheel of a Bandolero in the Bandits division of INEX racing competition. He won may notable events and championships, including the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway and LegendStock IX in New York. In 2017, Bryson moved up to the Legends Young Lions Division; that rookie season saw him earning his first championship in a Legend at Concord.

A natural talent with an undeniable passion for the sport, Bryson represents the future of motorsports. He is a well-rounded young man who is poised to become a star in the sport with NASCAR aspirations.

– Concord Speedway (NC) Track Champion – Legends Young Lions Division
– 5th Place National INEX Young Lion Points Champion
– 2nd Place NC State INEX Young Lions Points Champion
– 2nd Place Bojangles’ Summer Shootout INEX Young Lions Points Champion

– Concord Speedway (NC) Track Champion – Legends Young Lions Division
– Steve Carter Memorial Sportsmanship Award Winner – Concord Speedway (NC)

– 1st-place Champion – Spooktacular (NC) – Bandolero Bandits Divison
– 1st-place Champion – LegendStock IX (NY) – Bandoleros
– 1st-place Champion – Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series – Bandolero Bandits Division
– 1st-place Champion – INEX Bandits Winter Nationals
– 5th-place Champion – INEX Bandits Winter Heat Series (CMS)

– 2nd-place Champion – INEX Bandits Winter Nationals
– Season Stat Tracker: 2 wins, 21 top-fives, 22 top-10s

– Rotax Micro MAX Powerade Karting Challenge Champion
– Bandolero Beginner Bandit Champion – Concord Speedway

– Rotax Micro MAX Powerade Karting Challenge Series: 3rd place
– Rotax Micro MAX Powerade Karting Challenge Series: Rookie of the Year
– Victory Lane Karting: 2nd place (Youth Points)
– Victory Lane Karting: 3rd place (Adult Points)

– Victory Lane Karting: Overall Points Champion


01/19/19Crisp Motorsports Park (GA) SpeedFestLegends Pro/Combined Division 8th
02/11/19Citrus County Speedway (FL) Winter Nationals Round 1Legends Pro Division16th
02/13/19Citrus County Speedway (FL) Winter Nationals Round 2Legends Pro DivisionDNF
02/14/19Citrus County Speedway (FL) Winter Nationals Round 3Legends Pro Division5th
02/14/19Citrus County Speedway (FL) Winter Nationals Round 4Legends Pro Division1st
02/15/19Citrus County Speedway (FL) Winter Nationals Round 5Legends Pro Division7th
03/16/19Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Pro Division/Open2nd
04/26/19Anderson Motor Speedway (SC)Legends Pro Division/Combined Division2nd
05/12/19Carteret County Speedway (NC)Legends Pro Division/Combined12th
05/17/19Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Pro Division/Open1st
05/24/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Pro Division/CombinedDNF-Wreck
06/10/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 1Legends Pro Division6th
06/11/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 2Legends Pro Division10th
06/18/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 3Legends Pro Division5th
06/25/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 4Legends Pro DivisionDNF - Engine
07/02/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 5Legends Pro Division8th
07/09/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 6Legends Pro Division14th
07/16/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 7Legends Pro Division11th
07/23/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 8Legends Pro Division11th
07/29/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 9Legends Pro Division12th
07/30/19Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Summer Shootout Round 10Legends Pro Division6th
09/21/19Carteret County Speedway (NC)Legends Pro DivisionDNF
10/19/19Carteret County Speedway (NC)Legends Pro Division - Legends Asphalt NationalsDNF
01/13/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Road CourseLegends Young Lions4th & DNF
01/20/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) Road CourseLegends Young Lions7th & 7th
02/12/18Citrus Country Speedway (FL)Legends Young Lions20th
02/14/18Citrus Country Speedway (FL)Legends Young Lions12th
02/15/18Citrus Country Speedway (FL)Legends Young Lions5th
02/15/18Citrus Country Speedway (FL)Legends Young Lions6th
02/16/18Citrus Country Speedway (FL)Legends Young Lions7th
03/03/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/04/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/10/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/11/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRAIN
03/17/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/18/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/30/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
03/31/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
04/06/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
04/07/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRAIN
04/13/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
04/14/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
04/20/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
04/21/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
05/11/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
05/12/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
06/11/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions4th
06/12/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions6th
06/19/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
06/26/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
07/03/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
07/10/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
07/17/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions17th
07/24/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRain Out
07/30/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions6th
07/31/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions6th
08/24/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
08/25/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
08/31/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
09/01/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
09/14/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRain Out
09/15/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRain Out
09/21/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
09/22/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
09/28/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
09/29/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
10/05/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
10/06/18Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions5th
10/27/18The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (NV)Legends Young Lions 12th
12/15/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4 MileLegends Pro Division3rd & 4th
12/16/18Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4 MileLegends Pro Division1st
01/14/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RCLegends Young Lions11th
01/21/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RC 1Legends Young Lions9th
01/21/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RC 2Legends Young Lions8th
01/28/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RCLegends Young Lions10th
01/29/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RCLegends Young Lions14th
02/04/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) RCLegends Young Lions8th
03/24/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
03/25/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
04/07/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
04/08/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
04/21/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
04/28/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
04/29/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
05/06/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions4th
05/19/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions3rd
05/20/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
06/12/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young LionsDNS
06/13/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions8th
06/20/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions13th
06/27/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions7th
07/04/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions15th
07/11/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions21st
07/18/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions15th
07/25/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions7th
07/31/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions6th
08/01/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/4-MileLegends Young Lions2nd
08/18/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions6th
08/19/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions1st
08/25/17Anderson Motor Speedway (SC)Legends Young Lions2nd
09/01/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsRain Out
09/02/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young LionsDNF
09/08/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions2nd
09/09/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions4th
09/22/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions8th
09/23/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions8th
09/29/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions5th
09/30/17Concord Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions6th
10/28/17Concord Speedway (NC) SpooktacularLegends Young Lions4th
12/16/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/5 MileLegends Young Lions10th
12/17/17Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/5 MileLegends Young LionsDNF
01/10/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
01/16/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
01/30/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
01/30/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
01/30/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
01/31/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
02/15/16Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/16/16Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/17/16Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/18/16Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/19/16Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits2nd
03/25/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
04/01/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
04/15/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits6th
04/16/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
04/23/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
04/24/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
04/30/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits3rd
04/30/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits4th
05/13/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
05/14/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
05/24/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
05/25/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
06/14/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
06/20/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
06/21/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits9th
06/28/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
07/05/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
07/06/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits5th
07/07/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits3rd
07/12/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
07/19/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
07/26/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
08/01/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
08/02/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
08/05/16Bowman Gray Stadium (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
08/06/16Bethel Motor Speedway (NY)Bandolero Bandits1st
08/19/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
08/20/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
09/09/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/10/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero BanditsDNF
09/16/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/17/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/23/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits1st
09/24/16Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/30/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits2nd
10/01/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
10/29/16Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits1st
12/03/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions7th
12/10/16Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Legends Young Lions10th
01/10/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits13th
01/11/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
01/11/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
01/18/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
01/31/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
01/31/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
02/07/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
02/08/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits15th
02/16/15Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/17/15Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits1st
02/18/15Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits2nd
02/19/15Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits2nd
02/20/15Orlando Speed World (FL)Bandolero Bandits2nd
04/03/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
04/04/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits7th
04/10/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
04/11/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits6th
04/18/15Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting6th
04/24/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
05/01/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
05/02/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
05/08/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits9th
05/09/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
05/16/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
05/23/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
05/29/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
05/30/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits7th
06/08/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
06/09/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
06/16/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits9th
06/23/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
06/30/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
07/07/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
07/12/15Southern Nat'l Motorsports Park (NC)Bandolero Race 110th
07/12/15Southern Nat'l Motorsports Park (NC)Bandolero Race 29th
07/14/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
07/21/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits12th
07/27/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits6th
07/28/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
07/31/15Bowman Gray Stadium (NC)Bandolero Bandits5th
08/06/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits3rd
08/07/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits14th
08/21/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits7th
08/22/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits10th
09/12/15Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/13/15Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA)Bandolero Bandits3rd
09/18/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits9th
09/19/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits8th
10/31/15Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits4th
12/12/15Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) 1/5th-miBandolero Bandits7th
02/22/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting1st
03/09/14GoPro Motorplex (NC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting4th
03/15/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits4th
03/21/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits6th
03/22/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting1st
04/12/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits6th
04/12/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits8th
04/19/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting1st
04/26/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits3rd
04/27/14GoPro Motorplex (NC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting3rd
05/03/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits5th
05/10/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting2nd
05/11/14GoPro Motorplex (NC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting3rd
06/09/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner BanditsRAIN
06/10/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits3rd
06/14/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting2nd
06/15/14GoPro Motorplex (NC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting5th
06/17/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits4th
06/17/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits4th
06/24/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits11th
07/01/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
07/08/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
07/15/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner BanditsRAIN
07/19/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting4th
07/22/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits2nd
07/22/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits14th
07/28/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits17th
07/29/14Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits14th
08/08/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner BanditsRAIN
08/09/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting3rd
08/15/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits3rd
08/16/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
08/22/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
08/23/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits2nd
08/29/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits2nd
08/30/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits2nd
08/31/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
09/12/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
09/13/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting2nd
09/19/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner BanditsRAIN
09/20/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits2nd
09/21/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
09/27/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
09/27/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
09/28/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
10/03/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
10/04/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner Bandits1st
10/11/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting1st
10/26/14GoPro Motorplex (NC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting4th
11/03/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Beginner BanditsRAIN
11/23/14Concord Speedway (NC)Bandolero Bandits6th
12/06/14Carolina Motorsports Park (SC)Rotax Micro MAX Karting3rd | © 2020 | 3 Aces Media 

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