Successful Start to the 2022 Season for Bryson Ruff in First Late Model Stock Races

Bryson Ruff, the Charlie Sigmon Racing, and the No. 24 Barringer Construction, Victory Lane Karting, Wb Fitness Late Model Stock car began the 2022 season with a double-header at Motor Mile Speedway in Virginia.

The driver and team faced a new track, with a new car, in a new division, with a new tire compound, but these challenges didn’t intimidate them for a second.

Bryson loved the raciness of the fast track and adapted quickly to sticker tires. The setup on the car took some work, as is always the case with a new track, but the driver held his own in a field packed with veterans. With a lot of side-by-side racing, a pair of 8th-place finishes, and not a scratch on the car, Bryson and the team are thrilled with their first showing of 2022.

The camaraderie shown by all of the drivers and crew members who came over to meet Bryson and support him on his first Late Model Stock races meant the world to him, so thank you to all of you! | © 2023 | 3 Aces Media 

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